Monday, March 28, 2011


I just started to coupon over the last weekend. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it turned out to be rather easy and so fulfilling when I saved so much money.

Today I needed to go to Walgreens for a few items, Advil mainly. While there I grabbed an ad to see if anything caught my eye. I saw a coupon in the circular for 60 cents off of Halls cough drops, which is nice, they're only $1.99 a pack. Normally I wouldn't consider it though, Halls are one of those things that I only pick up when I'm sick. I remembered, however, that I had clipped a similar coupon from the Sunday ads for 75 cents for the cough drops. The wonderful thing being that Walgreens honors both coupons. So the $1.99 cough drops turned into 64 cent cough drops!

I also saw that there was a sale on the Dove product line, this included deodorant, lotion, hair products, and bath soap. Items that I had coupons on each of! The sale was 4 items for $15 and after purchase, I would receive a $5 register rewards. Register rewards are coupons that print out at the register that work like real dollars, so I would get a $5 coupon to use the next time I made a purchase at Walgreens. For $3.75 each, I purchased two bottles of Dove body wash (normally $5.49) , deodorant (normally $4.49), and anti-frizz hair serum (normally $5.99). So just on the sale I received a $6.46 savings. On the body washes I had coupons for $1.00 each and the other products I had 75 cent coupons. All together I saved $9.96, plus I got $5.00 in register rewards! Not bad!

I grabbed Carmex lip balm for $2.99, which I had a Walgreens coupon for $1.00. So I saved on that as well.

Lastly I purchased Advil, mainly because my head was pounding. I purchased Advil 50 count for $6.29 and Advil PM 20 count for $5.79. I had a $1.00 coupon for the regular Advil and $1.00 coupon for the Advil PM, plus an additional coupon for $3.00 off two Advil products. I ended up saving $5.00 off the two products.

All together I purchased:
Dove Bodywash ($5.49) $3.75
Dove Bodywash ($5.49) $3.75
Dove Deodorant ($4.49) $3.75
Dove Anti-Frizz Serum ($5.99) $3.75
Carmex Lip Balm $2.99
Advil $6.29
Advil PM $5.79
Halls Cough Drops $1.99

Total: $38.52 is the cost before the sales on the Dove products, they were rung up at $3.75 each on the receipt since the deal was 4 for $15, the cost on the receipt is $32.06 because of that.

I used $10.85 worth of coupons, subtracted from the $32.06:

The grand total receipt was $21.21 (before tax)!!!

With the sales and the coupons I saved a total of $17.31! I also received a $5.00 register rewards to use on my next visit. That's some great savings!

In my next blog about couponing, I'll explain what tactics I used to get these savings. Until then, happy cooking and saving!


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